Don’t Complicate It-Basic Nutrition and Healthy Eating Made Simple

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Healthy Eating and Healthy Nutrition Can be Simple!

Do you struggle with nutrition questions like….

-How much protein do I need to consume in order to lose weight or build muscles?

-Are carbohydrates really bad for me?

-Should I cut out certain food groups to lose weight?

-Should I stop eating after 6 pm?

-Do I eat before or after my workout?

If you have ever been confused with millions of questions regarding simple nutrition, join the crowd!

With so many fad-diets on today’s consumer market, you may want to throw in the towel and revert back to old unhealthy eating habits! We get it, that’s why we’ve written, Don’t Complicate. Our goal is to make healthy eating SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE!

Therefore, on the following pages of Don’t Complicate It, Fitness Olympian, 5-Time National Physique Committee Fitness Champion, 13 x Author, Women’s Health and Fitness Expert and In Weekly’s Best Personal Trainer on The Gulf Coast in 2016, Laticia “Action” Jackson will teach you:

-Why diets don’t work for permanent weight loss, overall better health and permanent lifestyle changes

-How the body utilizes and processes carbohydrates, fats and proteins (macro-nutrients) for lean muscle, better skin and optimal health and wellness

-How to identify your daily caloric intake for weight loss, muscle gain and better health

-How to read nutrition and food ingredient labels that will assist you in avoiding marketing trends and nutrition hype and purchasing foods that claim to be healthy and they are not healthy

-How to make simple and quick palette pleasing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in under 20 minutes or less

-Sustainable nutrition tips on how you can apply daily to learn better eating and lifestyle behaviors and so much more!

It’s no secret that eating healthy well-balanced meals with clean foods can ward off chronic diseases, assist in reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight and can provide your body with sustainable amounts of energy to live a quality life!

However, healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated.

Sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics? Are you ready?

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11 reviews for Don’t Complicate It-Basic Nutrition and Healthy Eating Made Simple

  1. Laticia Jackson-Samuel

    Heather B

    “This book is amazing! I’m someone who likes simplicity when
    it comes to making healthier life choices. This book is what I
    need. I did not feel intimidated as I have when I started reading
    other nutritional books. It breaks down key points such as not
    all carbohydrates are bad. The book is beautifully written, very
    educational ( not in a boring way either) and the best part is
    that it has sample menus that don’t require strange foods that
    you have to hunt for in stores. There are so many wonderful
    aspects of the book which I could write about. I would
    recommend this to everyone. I know after reading it, I am going
    to use the tools to create a healthier lifestyle.” Heather B.

  2. Laticia Jackson-Samuel

    Quantinique M.

    “The biggest takeaway from this book is it is “Not a diet. It is a
    lifestyle.” I agree with this statement 100%. I like that the
    author encourages people to read labels and choose those with
    minimal ingredients and naturally derived. It was great to see
    that she shares that many factors go into the best calorie intake
    for a person as it is different for each person. We are all unique,
    there is no one-size-fits-all. I think the way she explains the
    importance of consuming a balance of Fats, Carbs, and
    proteins is well-written and easy to digest. Quantinique M.

  3. Laticia Jackson-Samuel

    Kevin M

    “This book by Laticia “Action” Jackson is highly
    informative without the overload of science. It is easy to
    read and comprehend. I am typically a slow reader, but
    not the case with this book. The chapters held my
    attention and really flowed. As a fitness and nutrition
    advocate and coach, I would highly recommend this
    book to anyone that is looking to get their health in
    order.” Kevin M

  4. Laticia Jackson-Samuel

    Lisa B.

    “This book, Don’t Complicate It-Basic Nutrition and
    Healthy Eating Made Simple, was a very easy read, and
    very easy to understand! Laticia had the novice in mind
    when writing this book. It’s basic, but plenty of
    information to get you started on your clean eating
    nutrition journey. There are ideal nutrition plans, ideal
    snacks to eat, and a sample of what to eat to meet your
    daily caloric goals. I really enjoyed the book and will use
    it as a reference in the future!” Lisa B.

  5. Laticia Jackson-Samuel

    Yvette D.

    “What I love about this book is written in the first
    couple of pages. “No more dieting.” This book holds
    true to that statement. In this book she details how to
    make lifestyle changes that you can stick to. I love how
    this book provides options for every price point. A
    healthy lifestyle shouldn’t bankrupt you. This book
    provides the knowledge and mindset to embark on
    your health journey. If you’ve struggled in the past
    with fad diets, this book is for you.” Yvette H.

  6. Laticia Jackson-Samuel

    Shonda M.

    “When I tell you I learned a lot by reading Laticia “Action”
    Jackson’s latest self-help nutrition guide, woo! Living a healthy
    lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, and Jackson gives
    readers a practical road-map to having the healthier bodies
    that we all desire. Fruits and vegetables are so good but I’m

    guilty of forgetting that while chomping down on such over-
    processed sweet “sickness” in a box. Since reading her book,

    I’ve been keeping track of what I eat and thinking about
    moving more when I slip.I’m just a book enthusiast who loves
    a good read, and this was just that. Get your copy when the
    book is released” Shonda M.

  7. Laticia Jackson-Samuel


    “This book is amazing and it reminds you that being
    healthy is a lifestyle. It focuses on other health benefits
    than just losing weight. Fad diets do not last long. The
    information in this books gives you tools to be healthy,
    how to eat the proper foods for your body” Gwendolyn

  8. Laticia Jackson-Samuel


    “This book is very informative, who knew that
    understanding how to calculate body mass and macros
    was so easy. I didn’t. The guide to understanding food
    and how it works for the body will definitely help my
    with choosing a better meal plan. It really isn’t that
    complicated. I appreciate all the efforts Action Jackson
    put into making this understandable.” Antonia

  9. Laticia Jackson-Samuel


    “Laticia’s ability to demystify macro-nutrition is truly
    commendable. She breaks down the complex world of
    proteins, fats, and carbs in a clear, plain, and easily
    digestible manner, providing sources that make it all the
    more practical.One of the book’s standout features is its
    emphasis on helping readers identify misleading nutrition
    labels. Laticia’s wealth of knowledge and extensive
    background in nutrition is undeniably inspiring. Ambrosia

  10. Laticia Jackson-Samuel

    Lena B.

    Laticia has done it again Don’t Complicate It-Basic Nutrition and Healthy Eating Made Simple.

    In Don’t Complicate It-Basic Nutrition and Healthy Eating Made Simple, we’re shown not only the basic definitions, but simply answers as to how we can get our nutritional needs met to help build strong bodies but practical ways to get those nutrients with easy to follow recipes.

    Laticia also gives us an excellent understanding of the dos and don’ts with information like good and bad fats, the rolls in which carbohydrates play, and the reminder that “when we eat great, we look and feel great.” Lena B.

  11. Laticia Jackson-Samuel


    I’m so excited to leave this book review. My wife and I are in our 60’s and want to live healthier and a friend recommended this book to us. We both learned so much about healthy eating and we didn’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by any of the terms in this book. We’re older now and know healthy eating is important to a long life. We’d highly suggest this book. Dwayne and Betty Johnson

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