women and confidence building

Confidently U- 5 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt and Gain Confidence


                                                          women and confidence building


Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to speak up for yourself in a meeting, ask for a promotion or raise, apply for a new job or walk over to the opposite sex and introduce yourself, but something inside of you wouldn’t allow you to do the very thing you wanted to do? 

You doubted yourself, your worth and your capabilities!

Can you say, frustrating? 

If we are honest (which is required to grow) every woman has experienced self-doubt in some area of her life! And without a doubt, her self-doubt challenged how see saw herself and the world around her! 

So…We want you to exhale! No need to fear lacking confidence!

You’re not alone! 

Doesn’t that feel better? 

As women, we must relinquish the social expectations of ALWAYS having it together! What a waste of mental and emotional energy! 

It’s Time To Increase Your Confidence!

We understand where you may find yourself today in regards to your confidence level, but can you imagine for just a moment what your personal and professional life would look like if you felt more confident to go after what you wanted and desired in your life?  

Would you show up differently at meetings? 

Would you make more money? 

Would you say no to things that no longer serve you well? 

Guess what? 

We have good news for you. You don’t have to wish to be confident anymore!

You can start developing your confidence right now. Today you can agree to stop beating yourself up if you lack confidence. We want you to accept that confidence isn’t something women are born with, rather, confidence is something developed and redefined as we experience life and reach a better awareness of who we are as women!  

Doesn’t that feel better when you’re gentle with yourself! 

It’s time for you to re-frame how you speak to yourself and you can start today by using our five tips on how to build your confidence! 

Are you ready? 

Tip # 1: Take Ownership of Your Individuality

women and confidence building

In a world of billions of people, there’s only one you. The problem? The problem happens when you fail to acknowledge your individuality is a great thing. Therefore, own your uniqueness and start appreciating yourself.  This will immediately boost your confidence. 

Tip # 2: Do Something that Scares You

women and confidence buildingwomen and confidence buildingwomen and confidence building

Staying in your comfort zone has a way of decreasing your confidence. Therefore, every week set a goal to do something outside of your norm. Watch how your confidence increases and opens doors to new opportunities!


Tip # 3: Learn Something New

women and confidence building

Challenge your mind each week by learning something new. This will keep you relevant and relatable to others as well as increase your feelings of having something to offer in different conversations. 

Tip # 4: Compliment another Woman


women and confidence building

When you see another woman who’s doing great on a project, looks beautifully dressed or did an amazing job on her presentation, compliment her. Confident women are not intimidated nor distracted by the skills, gifts and talents of other women. Therefore, boost your confidence and give another woman a compliment and mean it!

Tip # 5 Take Care of Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

women and confidence building

Exercise at least 5 days per week for 30 minutes doing moderate-intensity level activities. In addition to exercising, eat well balanced meals throughout the day and take brain breaks from your work. Investing in your own personal well-being will increase feelings of self-worth and importance. This will add to building your confidence. 

It’s Okay to Show Up Confident!

women and confidence building

In a world that constantly tells you as a woman that you’re not enough, it is hard to feel confident in your uniqueness and what you have to offer the world. However challenging this may be, we want you to accept that you have the power to start fighting against this social and cultural norm by intentionally developing your confidence from the inside out! 

You deserve to feel great about yourself and all that you offer the world! Do you believe that? 

We’re Here To N-Power You!

Do you desire to learn more ways to develop your confidence to show up in your life more powerful, purposeful and positive about your gifts, talents and abilities? 

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Email us at npoweredcoaching@gmail.com to learn more about our career and professional development classes and workshops that we offer online and in-person! We look forward to N-powering you! 

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Action Jackson and The N-Powered Coaching Team

About Author:

Laticia ” Action” Jackson, CEO of N-Powered Coaching Academy, Survivor of Domestic Violence, U.S.A.F. Veteran, Dynamic Speaker, 13 x Author, Women’s Health and Personal Development Expert is known as one of today’s bold voices for women. Her transparent, bold and raw voice has been heard on stages across the United States where she advocates for women’s rights, domestic violence survivors and policies that advance the social, economic and educational growth of women and girls.  She’s a woman in Action and takes pride to serve women from all ethic and economic backgrounds.

women and confidence building


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