10 Days of Inner Discovery




  • Are you tired of being burdened by unresolved issues from your past that are destroying your self-confidence, self-respect and damaging how you see yourself?
  • Are you tired of attracting unhealthy and unfulfilling personal and professional relationships, but don’t know how to change this behavior? 
  • Are you tired of allowing fear, self-doubt and limiting self-beliefs to hold you back from your purpose, power and position in life? 
  • Ready to experience emotional freedom, forgiveness and self-love

If you answered yes, this personal development workbook is for you! 

On the following pages of 10 Days of Inner Discovery Olympian, United States Air Force Veteran, Survivor of Domestic Violence, 13 x Author, 2019 Women of Color of The Year and Women’s Personal Development expert, Laticia “Action” Jackson will teach you:

  • How to confront root issues and trauma(s) experienced from your childhood that influence your self-image, your relational and professional decisions 
  • How to forgive yourself for not valuing your gifts, your voice and your passions in life
  • How to identify negative self-talk, limiting self-beliefs and how to move forward by creating a narrative where you dare to succeed
  • How to see yourself and your body through a positive lens and appreciate your differences from other women 
  • How to get to the root of your core values and set goals from this place and so much more!

You will only discover your true power, purpose and divine roadmap once you begin to uproot and decode negative thoughts, toxic relationships and negative beliefs about yourself. It’s time to heal and become emotionally whole and mentally free!


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