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Stress Less: 3 Tips To Decrease Your Stress Levels

In more ways than one does stress affect individuals in different ways mentally, physically and emotionally.

Therefore, use the following 3 tips to help decrease your stress-levels this Thanksgiving and beyond!

1). Identify Your Stress Triggers:


When you feel anger, anxiety, fear, stress and other negative emotions, bring an awareness to what you are thinking and doing at the time of these emotions. By identifying your stress triggers, you can begin to either remove yourself from your triggers or set clear boundaries when certain behaviors or actions happen that trigger the stress response.

2). Just Breathe:


When you feel your stress levels increasing, if possible, step away from your stress trigger and take deep breaths for about 3-5 minutes. Breathing slowly slows down your heart rate, decreases your blood pressures and gives you distance from the stress response to clear your mind, thoughts and emotions.

3). Learn To Say NO!:


Saying no is a form of art that you will become better at with more practice. Therefore, only agree to take part in things that align with your current mental bandwidth and current responsibility level. You can’t be all things to all people! This increases a tremendous amount of stress and affects your health!

We get it!


Stress is something we all experience, therefore, the next time you feel stressed, try using the following 3 tips we provided!

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