Create a Culture of Wellness for Your Female Workforce

Do the Women of Your Organization?

If you answered yes, Healthy Balanced You Corporate Wellness program is for your organization!

Why Help Women Create Personalized Balance?

There’s an incredible amount of pressure on working women to carry the workload of family, work, and community. Research shows this load can take a toll on a woman’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This leads to mental burnout, loss of productivity, absenteeism, and chronic illnesses which can increase your medical spending and affect your bottom line. 

Get on the front line to help the women of your organization create balance and improve their overall well-being with Healthy Balanced You Wellness Program (Tm).

How is Program Structured?

Healthy Balanced You is a turn-key 6 -week wellness program designed to be done individually or in-person at your organization. Each week has designated readings and activities that evoke thought, teaches wellness principles, and strategies on how to create personalized balance. 

Week 1 Topic Covered:

Overworked, Overwhelmed and Over-committed

Week 2 Topic Covered:

How Balanced Are You?

Week 3 Topic Covered:

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Week 4 Topic Covered:

Refocus, Rejuvenate, Redefine

Week 5 Topic Covered:

Uncharted Waters

Week 6 Topic Covered:

Self-Care and You​

​What Items Come with the Program?

Program Workbook:

"Leading from a Healthy and Balanced Place" workbook can be ordered in hard copy and is provided in digital format.

6 Weekly Audios

Weekly audios provide inspiration and will guide participants through what to expect for each week of readings and activities.

Fitness Tracking Sheet

Participants will use this sheet to track exercise and physical activity.

6 Weekly Affirmations

Designated weekly affirmations help to inspire, affirm, and motivate participants. Affirmations can be memorized or printed off to be placed in a place of importance for participants.

Meal Planning Sheet

Participants will use this sheet to create options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Lifestyle Questionnaire Form

This form will be utilized to gather information on lifestyle behaviors. Use this information and data to determine required screenings for women that can be utilized to drive better health outcomes and awareness and health education campaigns for your organization. Use this form as well to gather baseline and post-program information on lifestyle changes.

Community Facebook Group

We believe in the power of women and the community. Therefore, we have created a community for women who desire more balance in their personal and professional life to join other women who are on the same journey. In this safe space, participants can share what they're learning about themselves, get support, and learn new ways to create balance in their life from like minded-women!

Perceived Stress Sheet

This sheet will be used before and after the program to determine the participant's stress levels.

Wellness Survey Sheet

This sheet will be used by wellness champions or health coaches to gather information from participants and to promote enrollment to the program


The Physical Activity Readiness sheet will be utilized post-program implementation to identify the readiness levels of participants for exercise and physical activity.

What Will Participants Learn?

After completing Healthy Balanced You the women of your organization will:

Leading from a Healthy and Balanced Place