Fit, Tight & Toned-A Black Woman’s Fitness Road Map to Fit, Tight and Toned Curves




  • Are you an African-American woman who desires to lift weights but you’re afraid if you do, you’ll look bulky and lose your feminine curves?
  • Do you desire to learn “how” to shed unwanted body fat and tone your body by lifting weights instead of doing hours of cardio and not seeing bodily changes? 
  • Do you desire to learn “how” to tone your curves properly at home without having to buy expensive equipment or spend endless hours at the gym? 
  • Do you desire to learn your body type and learn “how” to exercise properly to maximize your results? 
  • Do you desire to learn “how” to lift weights properly without injuring yourself? 

If this is you, I have great news for you! 

For years there’s been a myth that African-American women shouldn’t lift weights, and if they do, they’ll look manly or less feminine!  Here’s the truth! Having more lean muscle can help women shed unwanted body fat, improve their longevity, tone their curves and improve their confidence.

It’s Time To Learn How to Become Fit, Tight and Toned

On the following pages of Fit, Tight and Toned, Fitness Olympian, 13 x Author, Globally Recognized Women’s Health and Fitness Expert and In Weekly’s Best Personal Trainer on The Gulf Coast in 2016, Laticia “Action” Jackson will teach you:

  • How to identify your unique body type and how it responds to particular exercises, sets and repetitions… 
  • How to tone your most stubborn body parts including your abs and glutes without using heavy weights or becoming too bulky from the comfort of your home…
  • Will teach you resistance training terminology to empower you with the knowledge on “how” to lift weights properly,”how” to choose the right exercise machines and how to avoid injury
  • How to avoid doing excessive amounts of cardio and use high intensity intervals to shed unwanted body fat, improve your cardiovascular conditioning and lose weight 
  • What to eat before, during and after your workout for sustained energy and optimal post-recovery and so much more! 

Laticia “ Action” Jackson’s twenty plus years of experience in the exercise science, athletic training, and fitness field assures you will learn the proper way to lift weights, decrease your chance of injury, and walk away feeling more fit and empowered than ever before.  

Don’t worry you WON’T look manly after lifting weights, you’ll LOOK and FEEL AMAZING! 

Ready to get Fit, Tight and Toned?

What are Other’s Saying about Laticia “Action” Jackson? 

“Action Jackson is a master at her craft and skill” 

Daryl Haley Retired NFL Player

“Undeniably the best fitness trainer I have ever had the privilege to interview or work with!

Mark Mathis, News Anchor

“Every workout was earnest, extremely enjoyable and tailored to my personal needs allowing me to reach my maximum physical fitness level.” 

Lloyd Crain, Retired Colonel United States Air Force


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