4 Tips for Eating Healthy at Home or On The Go

4 Tips for Eating Healthy at Home or On The Go

4 Tips for Eating Healthy at Home or On the Go! 


Whether you’re traveling for business or on the go around your home, you don’t need to give up healthy eating simply because you’re busy.  The fact is,  healthy eating is even more important when you’re trying to keep up with a busy schedule. Being conscious of what you eat while you’re busy will help your body to handle stress better, maintain a healthy body weight and will allow you to experience better overall health. 

Therefore, as you hustle about your busy day,  take these following tips to help you eat healthy.

Tip # 1 

Healthy Eating at Restaurants

With tempting menus, large portions, and a festive atmosphere, it’s easy to consume large amounts of empty calories when you eat out. Therefore, if you travel often, prepare healthy meals such as healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit and raw snacks. If you eat out at a restaurant, be aware of your portions and ask for a to-go box when you feel full. Also ask for a “Lean” menu if it’s available. 


Tip # 2 

Healthy Eating at Airports

An airport can be a very stressful place. Long wait times, layovers and the stress of a potentially long flight. Therefore, before you arrive at the airport, have a healthy meal, drink plenty of water and ensure you have healthy snacks on hand. After a long stress filled wait, you may be tempted to eat at the shops in the airport and consume a high amount of calories as you wait for your flight. 


Tip # 3 

Healthy In Your Car

Whether it’s a long commute to work, shuffling your kids to and from softball practice or school, it is recommended to always have healthy snacks available so that when you get hungry – you have them. There’s a Burger King, Mc Donalds and Taco Bell on every corner! Avoid consuming food from these unhealthy restaurants  by being prepared! 


Tip # 4 

Healthy Eating at Home 

Mornings are busy times in most homes. Therefore, make sure you plan out breakfast for the week a few days ahead. To make breakfast time easy, prepare easy to grab breakfast items like fresh fruit, a protein drink (You can get pre-made) or night oats that can be prepared the night before. Breakfast will fuel your day and your mood! 

We’ve all been there, we rush out the house, bustling to get the kids to school, travel to work and all while forgetting to fuel our bodies with healthy foods. Therefore, before you get your day started, hop on a business call or travel, pause, breathe and make sure you fuel your body with healthy foods and hydrate with at least 8 oz of water!

Your mind and body will say thank you! 

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Action Jackson and The N-Powered Coaching Team

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