Workshops That N-Power

Our dynamic and interactive personal, professional and wellness workshops are designed to provide women with the tools, resources and support they need to overcome social, emotional and physical barriers that prevent them from living  their best N-Powered life! Our workshops are offered  in-person and online.

Personal Development Workshops

Our personal development workshops teach women how to build confidence, how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, how to leverage past hurt and perceived failures as fuel to re-create, re-establish and rejuvenate their life. We believe a shift in a woman’s mindset is the catalyst to her lasting change.

Personal Development Workshops Offered

After attending one of our personal development workshops, women will:

Personal Development Workshops

Our professional development workshops teach women how to set career goals, how to communicate assertively, how to create a personal brand, how to network to build relational and transactional business and career relationships and how to become a self-published author to establish business and career authority.

Professional Development Workshops Offered

After attending one of our professional development workshops women will:

Health and Wellness Workshops

Our women’s health and wellness workshops were designed to help women overcome mental, emotional and physical burnout and reclaim their health by identifying stress triggers, how to eat and exercise properly and how to remove  barriers that lead to poor health.  We are committed to providing career and business women with real-world and sustainable wellness solutions.  We believe healthy women build healthy businesses, healthy families and healthy communities.

Wellness Workshops Offered

After attending our health and wellness workshop, women will: