You are currently viewing Exhale and Let It Go: 5 Tips To Decrease Stress and Mental Burnout

Exhale and Let It Go: 5 Tips To Decrease Stress and Mental Burnout

Exhale and Let It Go

5 Tips to Decrease Stress and Mental Burnout 

Exhale and Let It Go: 5 Tips To Decrease Stress and Mental BurnoutExhale and Let It Go: 5 Tips To Decrease Stress and Mental BurnoutExhale and Let It Go: 5 Tips To Decrease Stress and Mental Burnout

We get!

It’s been one of those days… You woke up too late to have breakfast, the kids forgot to grab their lunch bag and you didn’t send that email that you said you were going to send this morning! 

Bye now you may feel overworked, overwhelmed and ready to disappear from your life’s responsibilities and the day has just begun! 

If you’re feeling this way right now, we get it!

As women, we often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. From the time we’re little girls, a doll is placed into our hands. From that moment on, we become caretakers who enter into the world of womanhood where we’re slapped with the social construct of being “Superwomen” and instructed to “Lean In” with the hopes and aspirations of having and doing it all! 

The result? 

Mental, physical and emotional burnout!

Have you ever been in burnout mode? I have! And so have millions of other women! 

Therefore, the next time you find yourself feeling stressed and in burnout mode, use the following 5 tips! 

Tip 1:  Take vs. Make Time for Yourself

Before making the decision to take care of others, first determine “how” can you “TAKE” time for yourself. Take is an action word, not a passive word. Therefore, wake up at least 30 minutes early each day to take time for meditation, stretching, exercise and to enjoy silence.  This will set the tone for your entire day. 

Tip 2:  Don’t Buy into The Hype 

Social media has a visual influence to convince you that you aren’t enough. This is far from the truth! You have a great life and don’t need to compare your life to others. Therefore, to limit these feelings, give yourself a designated amount of time to hang out on social media. After that designated time is over, log off! Everything that glistens, isn’t always gold! Why stress?

Tip 3:  Learn to Say No! 

Learn to say no and don’t agree to being a part of everything. Although it feels great to be valued and wanted, your self-worth isn’t determined by your willingness to be all things to all people. To create more time for self-care, choose activities that align with your personal and professional goals. Say no to everything else! This will automatically decrease stressors in your life. 

Tip 4:  Listen to Your Body

When your body tells you to rest and sleep, listen.  Sleep and rest are essential to your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Create an atmosphere in your bedroom that evokes the feeling of peace and limits the number of  electronics that keep you awake and disrupt your sleep patterns. A lack of healthy sleep has been linked to stress and other health ailments. 

Tip 5:  Set Boundaries 

When you leave work don’t bring work home with you. Instead, find social and community events that feed your soul and social wellness. This will help decrease stress! Balance is the key and no, balance isn’t a bad word.


In a world that is constantly changing and connected, it is easy to experience mental burnout and stress. You can decrease this havoc on your mind and body by using the following five tips. Take a break from life and breathe.  Your mind and body will thank you. Need a few wellness resources to help you get on the right track to healthy more calm you? Check out our health and wellness resources

Action Jackson and The N-Powered Coaching Team

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