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Who Are We?

At N-Powered Coaching Academy, we believe all women have the courage within themselves to become bold, powerful, and unstoppable. We stand firm to this belief by offering speaking engagements, personal development workshops, and D.I.Y. programs that help women build their confidence by increasing their competence, ignite their potential growth through relevant education, and build their leadership skills by first discovering their individual value and purpose.

Why Work With Us?

We’ve delivered our interactive workshops, programs and speaking engagements at Microsoft, Top 100 Hospitals, military bases around the United States, Women’s Business Centers, and to other organizations who invest in women. Our next place to deliver our work is at your organization!

How Can We N-Power Your Organization Today?

Keynote Presentations

Whether it’s domestic violence, equal pay, women’s health, leadership, personal development, or resilience, we speak on issues that affect women from thriving in all aspects of their lives. Our dynamic, energetic, and transformational speaker Laticia “Action” Jackson delivers high-impact, engaging and unforgettable keynotes that will transform the women of your organization and give them the inspiration and guidance to move forward in their lives.

Personal Development Workshops

Our dynamic and interactive personal, professional and wellness workshops and classes are designed to provide women with the tools, resources, and support they need to overcome social, emotional, and physical barriers that prevent them from living their best N-Powered life! Our workshops are offered in-person and online.

Corporate Programs

A growing body of evidence supports the benefits of offering personal and professional development for women in today’s ever-changing workforce as an effective business strategy. Benefits such as increased productivity, confidence, and competence for your female workforce can help improve your company’s bottom line and put you at the forefront of building confident and powerful female leaders. Reap these benefits by utilizing our corporate training programs. We offer our programs both online and in-person

Educational Resources

Whether it’s learning how to set new career goals, overcoming limiting self-beliefs, or learning how to exercise and eat healthier, we have engaging and relevant educational resources to help women reach their personalized goals! There’s power in learning!

Leadership Academies

Women aren’t the future, they are our now. Therefore, we’re committed through our leadership academies to help develop young women into leaders who will grow into individuals who lead their communities and the world around them to positive changes.

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What Are Others Saying?

" It was one of the best wellness workshops I’ve ever attended, and purchasing Goodbye Skinny, made me feel like I was taking my own personal trainer home. “Highly recommended for women of all ages and sizes!""It was one of the best wellness workshops I’ve ever attended! I'll be back for more!
"The class was dynamic and inspiring! Action is on point with a concise plan to start each day for healthy living. I am inspired to be a better me. Thank you, Action Jackson!"
L. Lourdes

"Her message is explosively powerful and if you weren’t in a good mood before walking into her workshop – you certainly were when you walked out. She is absolutely amazing! I am booking her for our women’s event next year."

D. Kendust Fort

Walton Beach Medical Center

We’d Love To Learn How We Can N-Power the Women of Your Organization Contact Us Today!