Balanced Nutrition




  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and purchasing expensive weight loss products that don’t lead to permanent weight loss? 
  • Are you tired of being fooled by marketing hype that leads you to purchase expensive foods that aren’t healthy?
  • Are you ready to learn the truth about protein, carbohydrates and dietary fat and how your body uses them to promote overall better health?
  • Are you ready to learn how to identify how many calories you need daily to lose weight, maintain lean muscle tissue and provide sustainable energy? 

If you answered yes, Balanced Nutrition Women’s Nutrition Book is for you! 

With so many nutrition books advising you on what to eat and what not to eat, at any given moment, your mind can feel like it’s on information overload! Don’t fail to mention confused! This confusion may lead you to saying, “Forget It, I will Just Eat Whatever I Want!”.

We have your solution! 

On the following pages of Balanced Nutrition, Fitness Olympian, 5-Time National Physique Committee Fitness Champion, 13 x author, women’s health and fitness expert and In Weekly’s Best Personal Trainer on The Gulf Coast in 2016, Laticia “Action” Jackson Laticia “Action” Jackson will teach you: 

  • Why diets don’t work and why diets aren’t sustainable for permanent weight loss
  • How to identify your needed daily caloric consumption to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight and overall energy
  • The importance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and how your body breaks them down and utilizes them 
  • How to read food and nutrition labels in order to avoid purchasing foods that are marketed to be healthy but aren’t healthy and so much more!

If you’re tired of being confused about what you should and shouldn’t eat and ready to get off the yo-yo diet cycle, Balanced Nutrition Women’s Nutrition e-book is for you!


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