It’s Confession Time!

Are you Ready?

Are you tired of living in silent shame that has been caused by domestic violence, rejection or sexual abuse?

Are you tired of being held back from your pain and ready to experience emotional healing, forgiveness and self-love?

Ready to forgive those who willfully harmed you so you can be set free?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, “Confessions of a Broken Daughter”(™) is the healing program for you.

Why Confessions of a Broken Daughter?

Too often women who have experienced any form of abuse or rejection suffer in silence, feel isolated and wear garments of shame. This can lead to depression, suicide and anxiety. At one point in her life, program creator, Laticia “Action” Jackson lived in shame due to being labeled as a victim of domestic violence. Hurt, abuse, violence and rejection was never God’s plan for you or other women. 

Confessions Of A Broken Daughter

What Type of Program is Confessions of a Broken Daughter?

“Confessions of a Broken Daughter”, is a Christ-Centered 12-week healing program designed as a healing roadmap for women who have experienced domestic violence, sexual and other forms of abuse and rejection. Our 12-week can be conducted in-person or online. 

How Does Program Work?

“Confessions of a Broken Daughter” is offered in two options.

Option # 1

Go Through The Program On Your Own

Take the journey of emotional healing, forgiveness and self-love on your own with “Confessions of a Broken Daughter”. Due to the intense nature of this program, “ Confessions of a Broken Daughter” has been broken down into 12-weeks. This is a D.I.Y. program therefore, if you choose to complete the program in less time, that is your individual decision. However, keep in mind, true healing requires time, honesty and reflection. Therefore, it is encouraged and recommended that you don’t rush through this program.

You will use the following steps to complete our program. See steps are listed below.

Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Start Date and End Date:

Before starting this program, choose a start date and end date that will give you the time, mental space and ability to invest one hour per session to read, journal and respond to each chapter reading and activity. Setting an end date will give you a goal to aim for as well as keep you committed to your healing process. 

Step 2: Create a Place for Silence

Ensure you create a place of silence where you can read and journal in your workbook. Being free of distractions will be needed in order for you to address the sensitive subject matters of this program. 

Step # 3: Open Each Session with Prayer

To create an environment where you can be in the presence of God, it’s recommended that you pray before each session. In your prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind to receive what He wants to reveal to you. Ask for the walls of past hurt to fall in the presence of God and that His healing power will flow through your mind and heart. 

Step 4 : Read Designated Weekly Readings

Once your prayer is complete, you will read the designated reading for the week you are in. Each weekly reading and accompanied activity will be found in the “Confessions of a Broken Daughter” workbook. 

Step 5: Join Our Private Community and Share

We encourage you to join our private facebook group. Once you have joined, it is encouraged that after each weekly reading, head over to our private community. Our community is where you can share and post what you’re learning. In addition to sharing your healing journey, you will have a safe space to learn from other women who are on their healing journey as well. Ask questions, ask for prayer, post scriptures that have helped you and so much more. You are not alone on your healing journey. 

Option # 2

Facilitate Program at Your Women’s Ministry

As a women’s ministry or faith-based organization, you have the opportunity to use “Confessions of a Broken Daughter” to create a safe place for healing, confession and transformation for women who have experienced abuse and trauma. 

1 John 1:9 tells us to confess our sins and God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. This confession includes confessing the sins of others and how their sins have harmed us.

It’s through confessing our pain that we take away the secrecy and shame of our past. Every woman deserves the opportunity to experience true healing and forgiveness of themselves and their abusers. This program will be a part of this healing process.

How Does Program Work?

Due to the intense nature of this subject matter, “Confessions of a Broken Daughter” is broken into 12-weeks. Based on the needs of your women, the program can be used in a hybrid form of in-person and online sessions or completely online.

Before determining how to facilitate this program, learn the needs and preferences of your women by asking the following questions.

1). Do you prefer to attend this program online or in-person or a mix?

2). Do you have 1-hour for the next 12 weeks to devote to this program? 

3). If we hosted our program in-person, would you need childcare?

4). Is email or text the best way to send program information and updates?

How Do You Facilitate Confessions of a Broken Daughter? 

Step 1). Set Program Date and Meeting Times 

Identify the best dates and times to start your 12-week cycle. Before starting the program, survey the women in your congregation or organization to determine the best time for them to participate. Allot at least 1-hour per session and determine if you desire to do the entire program in person or half of the program in-person and the other half online. Allow your resources and women to determine what is best fitting. 

Step 2). Recruit Group Leaders 

Recruit leaders who have a passion for women’s healing and have the desire to facilitate a group. The suggested group ratio is 1:20. Small groups create better opportunities for intimate and vulnerable conversations. 

Step 3). Promote and Register Attendees

Allow at least 3-weeks before program start date to promote and register participants. Due to the nature of this program, only women are allowed to sign-up and participate.

Step 4). Set a Program Launch Day

Choose a day to celebrate the start of the program. During this time announce group leaders, gather participants contact information and pray. Your launch will set the tone for the rest of the 12-weeks, therefore, share your heart’s desire for what you’re believing God to do. If you have experienced abuse in any form and you’re comfortable sharing. It is recommended for you to share. Our stories connect us and shows we’re not alone. We overcome by the power of our testimonies.

Step 5). Start Program

To ensure high engagement of participants , e-mail or text reminders 7 and 3 days before the program starts. We have created the emails for you to send out. Use the one’s provided or create your own. Use the following messages below to email those who have paid and enrolled in the program. 

Email 1: 

7 Days Before Program Starts

We’re seven days away from the start of “ Confessions of a Broken Daughter ” and we can’t wait to see how God works in your life. Before our sessions start, ensure you’ve purchased program items and connected with your program leader. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Email 2: 

3 Days Before Program Starts

We’re 3 days away from “ Confessions of a Broken Daughter ” and we have great expectations that God will heal your mind, emotions and spirit from hurt over the next 12-weeks. Therefore, open your heart and get ready for God to work! We will see you in 3 days!

How Do You Facilitate Each Week?

Step 1: Open Each Session with Prayer

To create an environment where your participants feel safe and in the presence of God, it’s recommended you pray before each session.

In your prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to open the hearts and minds of each participant. Ask for the walls of past hurt to fall in the presence of God and that His healing power will flow throughout all hearts. Allow God’s presence to fill the room and be sensitive to His leading.

Step 2: Read Designated Weekly Readings 

Once prayer is complete, you will read the designated reading for the week you are in. Each weekly reading will be found in “Confessions of a Broken Daughter” workbook.

Step 3: Have Group Discussions 

After each weekly reading, you will have designated activities and group discussions. These activities and discussions were created to have each participant explore and share their thoughts, fears and pain. 

Step 4: Pray Before Leaving Each Session 

Before your group leaves, end each session with a prayer. Ask God to cover these women and heal all of their broken places. Ask each woman to pray over herself and ask God to reveal to her hidden places of unhealed pain and mistrust. 

Step 5: Remind Everyone of The Date and Time for Next Session

Before your group leaves, remind everyone of when and where the next session will take place. In addition to this, send out an email or text message as a reminder.

Step 6: Cultivate a Resource Sheet

Some of the women in your group have experienced traumas that may require counseling and will be out of your scope as a leader. Therefore, create a resource sheet that lists Chrisitan counseling services offered by your church as well as community sexual abuse and domestic violence organizations both on and offline. If you have Licensed Clinical Therapists in your congregation or organization, recruit them to help. 

What Items Come with Program?

Confessions of a Broken Daughter Workbook:

Confessions of a Broken Daughter is a digital or hard copy 35-page workbook that will provide you with weekly readings and weekly activities designed around scripture to help you address past issues of pain, rejection and trauma.

Confessions of a Broken Daughter Program Facilitation or Individual Guide:

This 14-page digital or hard copy book walks you step-by-step on how to execute the “Confessions of Broken Daughter” program. You will use this book to help you get the most out of “Confessions of a Broken Daughter”.

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook Group will give you access to a safe place where you can share your healing journey, ask for prayer and meet other women who are on their healing journey. This is a place where you’re safe to heal and become whole. 

Private Facebook Group

Confessions Of A Broken Daughter

Option # 1 Individual Program


Confessions Of A Broken Daughter

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